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Friday, July 10, 2009

Top 10 Activities & Treats to Keep Kids Cool!

I love summer. Being outside with the kids is always fun, but when the days get a little too hot, I start to dread the heat and the kids get cranky. So, I try to find new ways to keep us all cool and still enjoy the summer weather. Here are some of my favorites:

1. Make & sell good old fashioned lemonade. Keep this event fresh & unqiue by making FROZEN lemonade.

2. Make frozen watermelon pops: see recipe below

3. I always have an inflatable pool. Even if your kids are older, they will find a fun use for it

4. Make ice blocks for the back yard pool. Fill different sized plastic containers and ice cube trays with colored water and freeze them overnight. Ice shapes can be removed by dipping the container in warm water; they should just slide out

5. Water balloon or squirt gun fights will keep the kids cool and busy

6. Set up a sprinkler next to a trampoline. This keeps my kids active outside without getting overheated

7. Go the movies during the DAY. This gives you a nice place to cool off during the heat of the day and you can still plan something fun outside when it cools down

8. Go on nature scavenger hunt...after DARK. For most kids this will be a new adventure and they will love being outside and searching with a flash light

9. Bring the outdoors, IN. Use all of the fun things that were collected during the scavenger hunt for art projects like collages and photo flip books

10. Host a backyard campout

If you are the one hosting the campout invite other parents to stick around, after the kids are in bed—and sip summer cocktails on the porch. Stay tuned for my favorite recipe.

Hope these ideas help you and your kids enjoy a fun, COOL summer!

1 watermelonCraft sticks(or popcicle sticks)


Cookie Sheet
Cut you watermelon in half.

Reserve one side for the "pop holder"

Cut thick ring slices (about 1/2 inch thick) of watermelon

Use your cookie cutter and cut out your shape

Insert your craft stick into your watermelon shape, taking care not to poke it through.

Place on you foil lined cookie sheet and freeze for a few hours.

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  1. What a bunch of great ideas! I will have to use them with my kids. :)