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Monday, July 13, 2009

Shopping with Baby

We all know grocery shopping with a baby can be challenging. With my first born I found myself dreading a trip to the grocery store. It just seemed like so much WORK. As he get older and i got a little wiser, i discovered a couple of tricks that made it less stressful.

My number one tip is to park your car closest to a grocery cart stall, not closest to the store's entrance. Get the cart first, bring it to the car and then load up the baby. Now you are able to situate the baby, your purse and get everything settled. This is much easier then heaving the infant seat or the wiggly toddler to the front door and then trying to get settled.

It also makes loading the groceries into the car easier because you can keep the baby in the cart, drop the cart off and load her right into the car without a long walk.

Once my babies were able to sit up without support, shopping got a whole lot easier. Of course ditching the ridiculously heavy and awkward infant seat was a relief, but even better than that was being able to use a shopping cart cover.

I LOVE mine and have used it for 4 years. It keeps the kids away from the germy cart and it has room to store all sorts of goodies to keep them occupied. There are enough pockets for snacks, toys, your purse, cell phone and more!

Cute as Can Bee makes adorable shopping cart covers. Check them out today for yourself or a fun gift!

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