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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Newborn Necessities: Gear & Toys

The task of shopping for your first baby can be exciting and overwhelming. It is hard to distinguish between the "wants" and the "needs" and extremely hard to stay focused on your first trip to Babies "R" Us.

I have created a list of the baby gear & toys that you and your baby will need for the first couple of months. Stay tuned for future posts on: Feeding, Sleeping, Diapering/Bath time, & Layette. You will have everything you "need": and then you can focus on filling in your "want" items.


Infant Car Seat: you will need a rear facing infant seat. I am a big fan of the Graco Snug Ride.

Diaper Bag: Invest in one that will last, is easy to clean, and easy to organize. Of course, it does not hurt if it is stylish too. Fleurville offers many hip choices.

Stroller: Make sure and do your research before you make this purchase. Some lifestyles call for a jogging stroller while many parents can get by with a simple umbrella stroller.

Carrier: You will have several options in this category and it is a very personal choice.
Most of my friends swear by the baby Bjorn front carrier, but many love using a sling, especially one with a fun pattern like the ones from Serena & Lily. Personally, I preferred the stroller and the infant carrier inserted in a stroller. As my babies got older, I found I had a lot of use for a frame backpack, but this should really not be on your "need' list as you will not use it right away. If this is your fist baby I suggest waiting until after the baby is born, take baby with you and try on several carries to find what you are comfortable using.

Toys: For the first weeks your baby will enjoy your face the most, but eventually your baby will like some variety. A rattle with bright colors, black white patterned books, and anything with a variety of texture are all good choices.

Activity: A bouncy seat or swing will be the prefect solution to giving your baby a new view of the world. Fisher price makes a handy portable swing that works great for home and travel.

Stay tuned for more tips on Newborn Necessities!

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