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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Capture the moment with a professional photo!

As i have a love for all things children, it is no surprise that i often drawn to children's photos. I think it is a true gift to capture the spirit of a child in a photo! Usually the real gift is getting a child to sit still, something i am never able to accomplish with my own children. Below, are two of my personal favorite sites:

Laura from Laura Santos Photography strives to keep photo sessions fun and stress free.  Laura loves to let the kids have fun, she says, "It's fun to just let your child be who they are, whether it's with a smile, giggle or pout." This carefree attitude allows her to really capture the moment and create a lasting memory.
 Laura Santos Photography is based in Portland Oregon, if you are looking for a photographer in that area, be sure to look up Laura!

Jill Rosell Photography is based in Bend, Oregon. I LOVE Jill's tag line..."capturing your soul". I can feel this in each of Jill's photos, whether it is a photo of a child, a family or a pet, Jill has a gift to make you feel in that moment.

Jills Landscape Photography will draw you in!

This spectacular photo truly captures Jill's amazing talent and reminds us all, the eyes are the window to the sou!

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