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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Baby Bedding: for YOU

Baby Bedding should be unique to your style and nursery. Choose baby bedding that you fall in love with, a set that suites your taste and the feel of your home. In todays online world of stylish baby and childrens boutiques, the choices are unlimited, so we narrowed it down for you. Here are some of our favorite baby bedding sets in variety of styles. Create nursery that you will long to spend time in by filling it with what you love. Find a baby bedding set for your style:

If your style is classic: you are drawn to traditional design elements and sophisticated details. 
Serena and Lily create stunning baby bedding that often has a classic feel yet is still HIP. 
Baby Bedding-Ruby Crib Set by Serena and Lily

If your style is modern: you are drawn to crisp lines, bold colors and patterns. No pastels here, modern is not meek and quite it is full of life. Modern baby bedding comes in may colors, styles and patterns and it is often gender neural which can be a great option for those parents strong enough to wait for the surprise. We LOVE the Caden :Lane Baby Bedding, this Avery Crib Set will fit right into a modern nursery!
The bold stripes and whimsical dots are so fun!

If your style is vintage: you are drawn to flea market finds and  items with a story to tell. You probably love design touches that evoke feelings of the past. We feel Pixie Dust baby bedding captures the vintage feel, with a childlike twist, soft fabrics and a strong nod to fun.You could really get inspired by their vintage toys baby bedding set
A new baby brings about Sweet Beginnings! Enjoy this time and the magical space you create for your little one and for You!

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