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Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Baby Shower Gift that is True LUXURY!

Bratt Decor's Zanzibar Rocking Cradle
What does a famous celebrity star receive at her baby shower? Well, if you are as lucky as Ugly Betty's Star Ana Ortiz you receive only the best and the most stylish baby gifts. The star studded baby shower was filled with extraordinary posh gifts, but one that seemed to steal the show for Ana was the Bratt Decor's Zanzibar Rocking Cradle in Antique White.
Ana was lucky enough to receive this cradle before it was retired by Bratt Decor. There is still hope, if you love this beautiful rocking baby cradle as much as Ana, you can purchase the Zanzibar Rocking Cradle in a slate finish.
The designer baby cradle is stylish and unique and makes a lavish baby shower gift! Bratt Decor is always an excellent choice for elegant baby furniture.

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