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Friday, August 21, 2009

Crafty Inspiration

I am not a very crafty person, I would like to be, but find my projects often end up looking more like homemade rather than Martha Stewart chic. So, when I find a project that is truly easy then I am on board.

Here are the steps to create a unique kids night with Pixie Dust Decor Fabric.


  1. Self adhesive night light. Hollywood lights available at

  2. 1/4 yard fabric

  3. 4 clothes pins

  4. fabric glue


  1. Using included night light template, cut fabric to fit front of night light and adhesive surface.

  2. Cut your trim to size. One piece for each side to frame night light.

  3. Using fabric glue, dot a long edges of night light. Adhere trim pieces, use clothes pins to hold trim until it dries.

  4. For a finished look, over lap trim at corners and adhere to the back of the night light.

Thanks to Pixe Dust Decor for bringing us this fun night light idea and for providing so many cute designer kids fabrics to choose from. Here is one of favorites: Boys Toys Stripe Fabric


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